Animal tale: The cow and the fly

Once upon a time there was a cow that grazed quietly in the meadow when a fly suddenly slipped inside its ear. Frantically, the cow shook her head, lifted her body and dropped to the ground. Whatever the poor animal tried was in vain, because the fly, instead of leaving, caused horrible tickling every time it moved inside the ear.

Striding abruptly, the cow decided to leave in search of her friend the donkey. “You must sink your head in the mud until the fly does not resist and leaves,” said the donkey safely and accompanied his friend to the quagmire. However, and although the cow filled her nose, eyes and muddy ears as the donkey had indicated, the fly was still quietly fluttering inside her ear.

Desperate for the situation, the cow ran along with the donkey in search of its neighbor the horse. “Help us, sir horse” – said the two animals in unison. “The solution is obvious, if you rub your head in the haystack, you will scare the fly and it will fly forever.” The horse’s proposal was not bad, and since he had nothing to lose, the cow set off with his two friends to the nearest haystack.

“It doesn’t work, it doesn’t work!The fly kept buzzing in his ear, and no matter how much that haystack got entangled in his head, the cow still couldn’t get out of that problem. The donkey and the horse looked at her sadly, but our friend did not give up, and decided to go visit her cousin the bull.At full speed, the three animals crossed the mountains until they reached a small farm where the bull chewed the grass quietly. “Help us, Mr. Bull” – the cow, the donkey and the horse shouted at the same time.

“Too easy. You just have to put your head in the creek. The water current will enter your ear and the fly will have no choice but to leave at once. ”What a great idea! Thus the four animals thought and without losing a second they justify with all the speed of their legs towards the river. Upon arrival, the cow dipped her entire head in the water, and since the current was so strong, she immediately soaked her entire neck, nose, eyes and finally, ears.

cow and the fly
Animal tale: The cow and the fly

“It keeps bothering me” – the cow shouted while sinking her head again and again in the river current. The donkey, the horse and the bull looked sadly at their desperate friend who couldn’t wait to get the fly out and stop feeling that annoying buzzing in her ear.Since nothing he had tried worked, the cow felt sad and exhausted, so she decided to lie down to rest on the grass and after a few seconds, she was immersed in a deep sleep.

The three friends who accompanied her stood by her side and watched as the cow was breathing agitatedly.Then, something very strange happened, because the fly, trapped in that ear, finally could feel some calm and that was when he exclaimed:”Wow! Until finally this animal has remained calm. Since I was locked here, he hasn’t stopped moving and jumping violently. Now that it is at rest, I can get out of this dark hole and breathe fresh air. I swear I’ll never come back, it has been terrible. ”

And raising the desperate flight, the fly could finally come out in the daylight and flee forever from the cow’s ear.- It has finally come out! – exclaimed the amazed animals to see the fly fluttering through the air.The donkey drew a smile and shouted proudly: “What a great idea I had with the mud”, to which the horse was quick to add: “And luckily I thought in time about the straw.” Finally, the bull also spoke: “And the best of all is that the water had occurred to me.”

“How smart we are!” – the three animals concluded vainly and began to dance around the cow that slept peacefully without hearing anything. Then they justify to celebrate by jumping for joy.

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