Animal Tale: The Cowardly Lion

Deep in the jungle, once lived a huge lion with sharp claws and horrifying fangs, but despite its fierce appearance, that lion named Gentilio was not even able to scare a simple fly, and it was so good and Gentle that rabbits and birds played around without fear.

The story of lion is not just for any story. When the stork brought him flying to the world, Gentilio was a very tiny ball of hair, and as the stork was late in deliveries, he mixed the little lion with seven lambs of equal size, and thus departed to the flock of sheep to deliver the new babies.

When he saw her approaching, the sheep congregated nervously and when he finally touched the distribution, each of them managed to take a beautiful kid, except the Bibi sheep, who when seeing Gentilio for the first time, fell in love with the little lion and decided to raise him and protect him with much love and affection.When the stork realized his mis, it was too behind time

“I was wrong and I must return the lion to his true mother,” he tried to explain the stork while Bibi pressed the lion against his chest. When he finally realized that he could not convince the sheep, the stork justify grumbling as he repeated: “Okay, stay with him and be lucky.”But the truth is that Gentilio did not have an easy childhood. Despite his mother’s love, the little lion could not help noticing that he was very different from the rest of the little sheep.

With the passage of time, huge teeth, pointed claws and a long hairy tail grew. As if that were not enough, Gentilio never learned to jump like the rest of his friends, nor did he know how to ram or shoot, which is the sound that the sheep emit.They mocked the poor lion so much that he spent his whole day in a crest and crying, except when his mother comforted and cuddled him.

One day, Gentilio approached a lake to drink water, and as he had never seen his reflection, he was amazed to see that he did not resemble the sheep with whom he lived. His nose was wide and accompanied by long mustaches, his fur was yellow, and his ears were not pointed, but round and large.

“I have a wide nose because I am always afraid, I am yellow because I spend all the time sad, and to top it off, my ears are round so much that I have cried. I am the ugliest ram in the world, ”repeated Gentilio’s miserable sob, not knowing that he was not a sheep, but a beautiful and strong lion.

Gentilio spent the entire afternoon looking at the reflection of the lake, lamenting his horrible appearance. However, in the late afternoon, the lion heard several desperate screams in the distance: They were the sheep! A terrible wolf stalked them to eat them, and when Gentilio arrived at the place he could see that the wolf was chasing nothing more and nothing less than his dear mother Bibi.

Cowardly Lion 2020
Animal Tale: TheCowardly Lion 2020

The sheep ran in all directions dying of fear, but Gentilio did not know what to do. The wolf was getting closer to catching Bibi and when he was about to swallow it, Gentilio felt something strange inside him. Fear had turned to rage, and without noticing it, it had peeked out its huge claws and fangs as it roared with all the force of its lungs.

So great was his roar that all the sheep remained motionless, and of course, the wolf also stopped staring in amazement at Gentilio.Without thinking twice, the wolf was sent to run at full momentum , fleeing away from the place to never come back
, and that was how the sheep could guarded. and respected since that day the nobleman of Gentilio, who although he continued playing with the birds and the bunnies could never make fun of him again.

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