Animal Fable: Cunning of the Donkey & Sins of a Lion in Love

The Cunning of the Donkey

One of those beautiful and warm spring days, a donkey was eating fresh grass and walking quietly. While walking he thought he saw a wolf with a few friends’ faces hidden among the bushes.The burrito knew that is wolf surely wanted to eat him, so he had to run away, but surely he wouldn’t be able to. Observing is surroundings, he realized that there were no places to hide and if he ran, he would be caught by wolf. other option he had justify was to ask for help but no one would listen to him asvillage was far away.

Very distressed at that situation he began to think to see what he could do in order to free himself from evil wolf. The time he had justify was short, as fierce animal approached in a hurry. Suddenly an idea lit his head and consisted of tricking  wolf into thinking that he had stuck a thorn.In order not to raise suspicions, burrito began to walk slowly and simulate a limp, and with a face of pain, he began to groan. At moment  wolf appeared in front of him with his fangs and claws outside ready to attack, but donkey continued with his plan and continued to pretend.

Luckily you are here is that an accident has occurred to me and only someone as intelligent as you, Mr. Wolf, could help me. What has happened to you? – said the wolf very happy at those words and becoming very prepared.In a crying tone and seeing that his plan was turning out the burrito told him. As always I was very distracted and I stuck a thorn in one of the hind legs. I have so much pain that I can hardly walk.The wolf in this situation thought that nothing would happen to help the poor burrito because he was injured could not escape his claws and he would eat it. Raise your leg to see what I can do for you said the wolf.

Standing behind the crouched donkey, he began to search but could not see a trace of the splinter that the burrito mentioned. There is nothing here! – said the wolf. Yes, of course, there, look well in my pesuña because it hurts a lot; if you get closer you can see it.By his side, the wolf was lying on the ground very beaten and had up to five broken teeth. How silly I am! If I hadn’t thought myself smarter than anyone else, that burrito wouldn’t have fooled me and now I wouldn’t be here lying on the floor.

Moral: If you do not know how to do things, do not get involved, as the shoe saying goes to your shoes.

Animal Fable 2020
Animal Fable 2020: The Cunning of the Donkey & The Sins of a Lion in Love

The Sins of a Lion in Love

Once upon a time, there was a lion who fell in love with the daughter of a farmer and asked for his hand in marriage. The farmer, baffled by this situation, knew that he could not accept because he was giving his daughter to a fierce animal and at the same time he was .That was when he came up with the following idea.

The lion’s insistence was so great that he told him that he seemed to be a husband deserving of his daughter but that if he wanted to marry her, he should tear off his diets and cut his sharp nails because his daughter was afraid of him a lot to that.It was so much love that he felt that the lion accepted the conditions and carried out the request. When he saw the farmer again without his teeth he did not claw, he mercilessly threw him out of his house.

Moral: Your defense is the only thing that allows you to be respected so never trust to strip yourself of it because everyone who respected you can then defeat you.

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