Fairy tale: The emperor’s new suit

Long ago, there lived a very rich emperor who was always waiting to wear the best clothes. Two and three times on the same day, the emperor liked to change his clothes and fill himself with luxurious jewels. The tailors of the kingdom worked tirelessly to provide their lord with new costumes, full of glitter and magnificent cloth.

Fairy tale: The emperor’s new suit

One day, two very rascals thieves appeared to be in the kingdom who decided yet to defraud the emperor.
The thieves claimed to possess the best fabrics, and make garments never seen before. As expected, the emperor was dazzled by the promises of thieves and paid them a large sum of money to start working.

For several days, the rascals stayed in a room in the palace pretending to weave beautiful dresses, but in reality, they only dedicated themselves to collecting more gold and drinking and eating at ease. The emperor, eager to know how the work progressed, sent a servant to the thieves’ room.

Upon arriving at the place, the young servant was dismayed when he saw the loom empty, but the thieves assured him that the dress was made of a magic cloth and that fools and ignorant people would not be able to see it. “Of course I see her! She is beautiful! ”Exclaimed the servant in fear of looking silly, and went to tell his lord.

The emperor, unable to his curiosity endurance , set out to contemplate the masterpiece of. Upon arrival he was surprised to see nothing, but as he could not seem ignorant in front of his subjects, he hid his surprise and exclaimed with joy: “It is beautiful!I have never seen anything else so wonderful day in my life! ” And he decided to wear it at the palace ceremony the next day.

When the time came, the emperor left before his people completely naked. People looked dazed at the show, but no one dared to say a word. Despite the murmurs, the emperor continued the march, convinced that everyone who looked at him in amazement, was out of sheer ignorance and stupidity. But in reality it was the opposite!

This story serves to demonstrate that we should never be guided by other people’s criteria, but always tell the truth and think through our own head.

The emperor’s new suit

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