Fairy tale: The Golden Nut

Once upon a time there was a girl named Maria, who had black hair like night. The beautiful Maria liked to walk through the forest and talk with the animals. One day, he found a golden nut on the ground.

Golden Nut 2020
Fairy tale: The Golden Nut 2020

“One moment, little girl. Give me that nut back, because it belongs to me and nobody else. ” Looking for the place where the voice came from, the girl discovered a little elf waving her arms from the branches of a tree.

The pixie wore a green hat and carmelite and pointed slippers. Her big green eyes stared at the girl as she repeated over and over again: “Come on, I told you to give me back that golden nut that is mine, girl.”

“I will give it to you if you answer how many folds this nut has on its skin. If you fail, I will sell it and help poor children who have nothing to eat, ”said the brave girl facing the elf’s gaze. “A thousand and one folds” replied the magical creature rubbing his hands.

Little Maria, then had no choice but to count the folds in the nut, and indeed, the goblin had not been wrong. A thousand and one exact wrinkles, I had that golden nut. With tears in her eyes, Maria handed her to the pixie, who, seeing her so distressed, softened her heart and said: “Keep it, noble girl, because there is nothing so beautiful as helping others.”

And that’s how Maria was able to return home with the golden nut, feed the poor of the city and provide them with coats to protect themselves from the harsh winter. Since then, everyone began to call him “Golden Nut”, since kind children always win the favor and love of people.

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