Fairy tale: The honest lumberjack

Once upon a time, a humble and good woodcutter, who after working all day in the field, returned home to meet his family. Along the way, he prepared to cross a small bridge, when suddenly his ax fell in the river.

lumberjack 2020
Fairy tale: The honest lumberjack 2020

“How will beI do now to work and be able to feed me children? Exclaimed the woodcutter worried and worried. Then, before the eyes of poor hunger, a beautiful and sparkling nymph appeared from the bottom of the river. “Do not regret good man. I will bring your ax back right now, ”the magical creature told the lumberjack, and quickly plunged into the waters of the river.
Soon after, the nymph reappeared with a golden ax to show the lumberjack, but he replied that this was not his ax. Again, the nymph dived into the river and brought a silver ax in her hands. “Do not.That is not my ax either way, ”said the woodcutter in a pitiful sight voice.
On the third attempt of the nymph, he appeared with an iron ax. “That is my ax!Thank you very much appreciated, ”the woodcutters shouted out with deep joy.
“How will be do now to work and be able to feed on me children’s ?But the nymph wanted to reward him for not having told lies, and said “I will also give you the two axes of gold and silver for being so honored.”
You see little friends, it’s always good to tell the truth, because in this world only the honest and humble of heart win.

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