Fairy tale: The magic reel

Once upon a time there was a little prince, restless and mischievous, who didn’t like to study. When his parents reprimanded him, he lamented by saying, “What do you want to be great to do everything you want!”

One day, while he was in his room, he discovered a bobbin with gold threads by the window. Before the surprised look of the little prince, the coil spoke to him in a melodious voice: “Dear Prince, I have listened to your wishes to grow soon and I will give you a chance. As you unwind my threads, you can move through the days of your life. But be careful, because the thread that is released does not return, and the past tense can never be recovered ”.

magic reel
Fairy tale: The magic reel

Unable to resist his curiosity, the little prince pulled the thread and instantly became a gallant and robust young man. With great enthusiasm, he pulled the magic thread again and discovered himself with his father’s crown. “I am king!”, “I am king!” He exclaimed with great joy. “Please, magic reel, I want to know how my children and my lady queen will look,” he exclaimed impatiently as he stretched the thread again.

Then, a beautiful woman with long hair appeared next to him, and three beautiful and fat kids. The king’s curiosity became irrepressible to know what his children would be when he grew up, so he threw a long section of that thread, and another, and another. Suddenly, he noticed that his hands were pale and weak, and in the reflection of the mirror he discovered an old man consumed and dry.

The prince, seeing that he had unwound all the thread, wanted to return it back to its place, but as he had been warned, it was completely impossible. He had consumed all his life! The magic coil, seeing him so distressed, exclaimed: “What have you done, unhappy creature? Instead of living the beautiful moments of your life, you decided to overlook them. You have wasted time uselessly and there is nothing you can do except pay for your insolence. ”

And so the old king remained, who could only enjoy a short old age until he died of sadness in his bedroom, for having wasted his entire life, without living it as it should be.

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