Fairy tale: The vain cedar

This is the story of a conceited and silly cedar, who boasted daily of her beauty. The cedar lived in the middle of a garden, surrounded by other smaller trees, and not at all as beautiful as him. I am really, something worth contemplating, and there is no one in this garden that overcomes my charm! – repeated the cedar in the morning, in the afternoon and at night.

vain cedar
Fairy tale: The vain cedar

When spring arrived, the trees began to give beautiful fruits. Delicious apples had the apple tree, bright cherries brought the cherry tree, and the pear tree provided fat and juicy pears.

Meanwhile, the cedar, which could not bear fruit, lamented in anguish: “My beauty will not be complete until my branches have no beautiful fruits like me.” Then, he dedicated himself to observing The and asking questions the other trees and imitating me in everything they did to in mind fruit. Finally, the cedar had what he requested, and on top of its branches, a precious fruit appeared.

“I will feed him day and night to be the greatest of all time and most beautiful of all fruits” in delight the proud hill of his creations.  However, as long as that fruit grew, it only slowly twisted the glass of that cedar. As the days went by, the fruit matured and became heavier every time, until the cedar could not hold it and its glass ended up completely broken and ruined.

Some people are like cedars, that their ambition fleek is so great that it leads them to lose everything will be fine they had, because there is nothing as fatal

as vanity , and we must avoid being conceited or arrogant attitude with the people around us.

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