Fairy tale: Fieldmouse and the city mouse

Once upon a time there was a humble little mouse that lived very happily in the hollow of a dry tree. His little house was very comfortable and spacious, it had armchairs made with nutshells, a bed with flower petals and curtains on the windows woven with spider threads.

Each time the mealtime for the mouse arrived, he went out to the field, looked for juicy fruits and fresh water from the river. Afterwards, he was running around the green plain or resting under the starlight. Everything was very happy for the little mouse.

One afternoon, his cousin, the city mouse, appeared. The little mouse invited him to lunch, and prepared a delicious cabbage soup. But his cousin, accustomed to the delicacies of the city, spat the soup as soon as he tasted it. “What an unpleasant soup,” he exclaimed.

As the days went by, the little city mouse got tired of being at his cousin’s house, and decided to invite him to his own to show him that he lived in better conditions. The little mouse in the field reluctantly agreed, and the two little animals quickly departed.

Upon arriving in the city, the little field mouse felt very disturbed, because there was no peace that he had enjoyed so much in the countryside. The tumults of the people, the noise of the cars and the dirt of the streets, ended up altering our little friend, who could only breathe easy when he was inside the house of his cousin.

The little house was large, full of luxuries and amenities. His cousin in the city had long collections of cheese, and a bed made of silk stockings. At night, the little mouse in the city prepared a very tasty feast with hams and exquisite sweets, but when they were about to eat, a huge cat’s whiskers appeared at the doors of the little house.

The mice ran scared through the back door, but their fate was worse, as they fell at the feet of a woman who struck them with a sharp blow with the tip of her broom. The shock was so hard that they were stunned in the middle of the street.

The little mouse in the field then decided that it was time to go to his quiet little house, since he had understood that it is not worth changing the luxurious things and the comforts for the peace and harmony of a home.

Version 2: Story of the field mouse and city mouse

Among the trees of a huge forest, once lived a humble little mouse, who every morning got up happy to eat, jump, play and do everything he wanted. That little mouse was very happy because he had everything he could wish for. His little house was made of dried leaves and his bed was a nutshell. At night, the little mouse talked with his friend the owl and with the first rays of the Sun he justify every day to the river to bathe the fish with his friends.

One afternoon, a little mouse from the city arrived, adorned with silk clothes, velvet hats and jewels of the highest quality. Seeing the conditions in which the field mouse lived, he immediately began to make fun of him, but our friend ignored that, and gladly prepared a snack, while inviting him to rest inside the little house.

“You are very kind, my friend. But I have felt shame to see that none of this compares to all the amenities you could have in the city. Why don’t you come with me and check it with your own eyes? ”Asked the little city mouse while devouring the snack of nuts and green leaves that the field mouse had prepared for him.

Fieldmouse 2020
Fairy tale: Fieldmouse 2020 and the city mouse

After a long talk, the little mouse agreed to visit his new friend’s city, and early in the morning they set out on the trip. After traveling several hours on the road, the travelers finally arrived at the entrance of the city, and after advancing a few more kilometers they ended up sitting at last in the little house of the city mouse.

“Have you seen how much luxury?” Ask the little city mouse while his friend look care at all the jewels of that little house.After a while, and having rested a little, the animals felt then that hunger tormented them, so they decided to go out in search of food.

Upon arriving at a house, the little mice climbed the window, and to their surprise, they found the kitchen table full of delicious delicacies. Meat, sweets, vegetables, everything they could wish for was in that place, but the happiness was short-lived for our friends, because as soon as they were about to take the first bite, a fierce cat appeared out of nowhere.

Scared to death, the little mice began to run with all the strength of their legs, and when they were safe, they decided to go out again in search of food. Several hours later, the city mouse hit another house, and invited the little country mouse to sneak through the crack in the door, then jump to the table where a delicious banquet was waiting for him.

Embellished with so much food, the little mice did not realize that a lady was stealthily watching them behind the curtains, and so great was the fright that they took away, that at one blow they ended up in the street, hungry, scared and sad. “Do not worry friend. We will find a place where we can eat something, ”insisted the little city mouse trying to comfort his partner.

Again, the little mice walked for a while until finally, they found a place full of food. It was a fancy restaurant, and very carefully, the two animals slipped through the tables until they reached one that was full of succulent delicacies. With no time to lose, the little mice prepared to devour all the dishes on the table, although unfortunately, the cook had already seen them from the moment they entered the door.

Approaching carefully, the chef smashed his knife against the table, but fortunately, the city mouse managed to dodge the blow in time. Alerted from danger, the two little mice had no choice but to flee from that place at full speed, and when they found themselves safe on the street, the little country mouse said to his friend:

– Don’t take it badly, dear partner. It is true that you live surrounded by luxuries and very good things, but the city is not for me. I could never live in such a hectic and dangerous place, and the truth, I prefer a thousand times my humble little house in the countryside rather than live nervous all the time and fearful for my life. Sometimes, it is better to enjoy a happy life with little, than to have great comforts and live scared all the time.

And that was how the little country mouse never heard from his friend in the city again, and every day of his life he then spent it in his humble but quiet little house, happy with the life he had chosen for him.

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