Love story: Grandma’s cake

Esther was the grandmother that every child would like to have. He had white hair in a big bun and an angel’s face that reflected his kindness. Her little grandchildren enjoyed every visit she made at Christmas parties, when the house was filled with aromas and delicious dishes.

And Esther was a very good cook, the best! He had learned from his grandmother and there was no dish to resist him. He especially enjoyed making cakes and cakes for her grandchildren, who watched her with fascination while she cooked and explained their recipes.

One year the grandmother arrived excited thinking about making a chocolate cake for her grandchildren, but she soon realized that they showed little interest in helping her.- “Grandma we prefer to go out and play”, – said the grandson. “Yes, my friends are waiting for me to show them my new doll”, – replied the little girl.

The grandmother felt sad that her grandchildren would not help her, but she decided to make the best cake she could to surprise them. That’s how he devised a special recipe and got down to work. He began mixing all the ingredients. sugar, eggs, flour, oil, yogurt, yeast, lemon zest, nuts, chocolate and the secret ingredient, a dose of much love.

After a couple of hours the cake began to smell and the grandchildren who were in the room, approached expectantly before that sweet that smelled so good. They were restless in front of the door when they saw an impressive Christmas cake come out.

grandma's cake 2020
Love story:grandma’s cake 2020

It was a huge cake, covered in a green layer of sugar in the shape of a Christmas tree. Above all kinds of sweets were placed that decorated the tree as if they were Christmas decorations. In the center there was a dark chocolate sign that said. “For my beloved grandchildren for Christmas.”

The grandchildren felt very sorry for not helping their grandmother and ran to give her a big hug. From now on every year they would help her make a cake like this, which was declared that year as the Christmas dessert.

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