Animal Tale: The Gratitude of the Beast

Once upon a time there was a slave in the service of Rome, who escaped from his master to take refuge in the forest. His name was Androcles, and once in the mountains, he decided to take refuge from the guards who were chasing him, and hid in a huge cave.

Even in the dark darkness of the cave, Androcles could see the presence of an imposing lion. The beast was lying on the ground with a wounded leg, and before the slave’s gaze she gave a roar of unstoppable pain.“Do not fear, lion friend. I will help you to recover soon, ”Androcles said as he slowly approached the animal. In the beginning, the lion maintained its fierceness, until, little by little, Androcles managed to gain his confidence.

The slave drew an arrow stuck in the lion’s leg, and healed his wound with clean water.After a while, Androcles and the beast began to live together quietly hidden in the cave. One day the boy went out in search of food, the emperor’s soldiers captured him, and took him to the city to serve in the circus.A few days later, Androcles was thrown into a pestilent pit.

The place was full of curious people and desperate to see the battle. Before the eyes of that young man, a fearsome lion appeared, coming towards him with great strides. At that precise moment, the lion stood in front of Androcles and to everyone’s surprise, he began to roar affectionately stroking his head against the body of the slave.

Beast 2020
Animal Tale: The Gratitude of the Beast 2020

“Emperor, forgive the life of this slave, because he has managed to subdue the lion” – the present shouted in chorus, and the emperor did so. Androcles was released, and it was never known that this lion was really the one in the cave who had made such a friendship with Androcles.

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