I have a moral: The woodcutter and his three children

Once upon a time, a generous and good lumberjack, who had three sons. Every day in the world, the boys helped their father with the labors of the farm: they grazed the sheep, gathered the ready wheat and planted new seeds. They were indeed, very obedient and clean young men, but the old man lamented his little fortune, and ruled that his destiny would be to live eternally poor.

I have a moral: The woodcutter and his three children

In the mornings, while the boys laughed and sang on the way to planting, their father, however, watched them with anguished look, looked at their ripped clothes and sweat running down their backs, and sighed the sad old man for not being able to free his children from that burden and give them everything they wanted.

Thus the life of that poor man continued until one good day, while watching the stars, he appeared out of nowhere and a little pixie perched on his shoulders. “I will give you the happiness you are looking for, good man. From now on you will be very rich, you will live fully and nothing else. ”

And so did the magical creature. He waved his hat three times in the air and a chest full of gold coins appeared before the woodcutter’s eyes. “I’m rich, I’m rich,” the poor old man exclaimed with laughter. “Ah, but listen carefully to my words: in a year, I will come to look for exactly half of everything you have.And nothing more, ”the pixie whispered softly in the old man’s ears and vanished into the air.

It is true that the woodcutter paid little attention to the words of the pixie, and from that moment on, he dedicated himself to fill his children with pleasure and joy. Everything the boys wanted was granted to them! Carriages lined with precious stones, beautiful clothes of the finest silk, banquets full of succulent delicacies. Thus they lived for a while, full of luxuries and comforts. However, life for the woodcutter’s family was so ostentatious that money soon began to run out.

In a few months, they had spent all the gold coins. It happened then that the banquets stopped being so huge, the carriages were sold to pay off debts, and the silk suits only served to protect themselves from the harsh winter. With the passage of time, the situation continued to get worse, the father had lost everything, including the farm, and his only concern became feeding his boys.

A dark night, when the cold wind was raging fiercely, the lumberjack had managed to get a piece of old bread to feed his three children because they had not tasted any bite for almost a week. Under the weak light of the bonfire, they prepared to distribute the piece of bread, when the father recalled that exactly one year had passed since the pixie’s visit.

“The elf will come to collect half of everything I own, but I only have this piece of old bread. If my children do not eat it, they will starve to death, ”the woodcutter thought in anguish and ran to hide with the boys in the undergrowth. Minutes later, a blurred and small silhouette appeared, drawn by the white light of the Moon.

“Dear friend of mine, where are you? I have come to conclude our deal. Where are you going? ”The pixie whispered in cursed laughter. When he discovered that the woodcutter had hidden, he shouted angrily: “So be it so. You have broken our agreement and you must pay. Your children will suffer for what you have done, they will live condemned by undesirable curses and you will suffer for your betrayal. And nothing more! ”, And having said that, he waved his hat three times and vanished into the air.

Seeing that the pixie was gone, the woodcutter came out of the brush and sighed in relief, but when he looked at his children he gave a cry of desperate pain. The smallest of them had completely transformed, his legs had swapped with his arms, and he was walking headlong in all directions. The second of the boys jumped rampant and fled from a pack of giant flies chasing him wherever he went. For the third and largest of the woodcutter’s children, the pixie had cursed him with glass feet and hands that weighed heavily and could barely move from the place.

“What have I done?” The poor father sobbed contemplating the horror his children had become, “My greed and selfishness have brought me misfortune. Woe to my little ones! Woe to my little ones! ” The woodcutter struck the ground and pulled his hair in deep pain. Then, he decided to leave in search of the goblin to ask for mercy for that terrible punishment.

Thus the distraught old man traveled for a long time. He crossed mountains and lakes, forests and deserts. When his legs were running out of walking, he reached the last stone in the world, where there was a small house. It was the little pixie house! The creature was inside preparing a succulent soup. In a carelessness of the creature, the woodcutter threw some sleepy herbs into the soup, and waited for the pixie to finish eating.

After a while, the little elf fell deeply asleep, and the woodcutter took the opportunity to remove his hat. Then he ran at full speed from that place and returned back with his three unfortunate children. Without losing a second, the old man waved the leprechaun’s hat three times on each of the boys and they returned to normal. They were the same boys as before! The woodcutter flooded his heart with joy, and squeezed his boys in a warm hug. Since then, he never wanted any wealth, because every time he looked at his children he knew that he already had everything he needed to be happy in this world.

César Manuel Cuervo

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