Animal Tale: The Junior Puppy

Once upon a time there was a hairy and beautiful puppy named Junior. The puppy was born with his brothers under the care of his mother, but one day Junior’s luck changed. A boy who passed near the den discovered the puppy and decided to take him home with him.

Over time, the boy got bored of the puppy and justify him abandoned in the streets where he grew up next to rats, cats and other dogs that slept outdoors and never had anything to eat.In a few weeks, Junior got used to living like a street puppy, but with the arrival of winter, it was getting harder and harder to get food and the cold was so intense that the poor puppy could not sleep at night.

One day, the cat Cloe told Junior: “We will soon die if we don’t do something. I know a place far from here where food is never lacking and summer never ends. Come with me, friends, ”and that’s how Junior and Close right in the goog morning. They walked for long hours through the cold wind until they found an abandoned cabin on the outskirts of the city.

The interior of the little house was warm and in the kitchen pantry the two friends were able to find some food to calm their hideous hunger. When they were eating the justifyovers of an old bread, a furious dog appeared growling and showing its teeth to the intruders who had just arrived.”Please, don’t hurt us” – the frightened cat groaned, and as if by magic, the dog changed her appearance and stared at Junior. “My son,” said the mother when she identify her son and jump on to fill him with spoiler and caressing

Junior was confused, but at last he could recognize his mother’s smell, and in a short time his brothers also arrived who had grown up like him and were now big and strong. Junior was so happy that he had completely forgotten about the cat, but she interrupted the family reunion to remind them of the beautiful place they had to go to escape the cold.Everyone agreed to undertake the trip, and they did so with the first hours of morning light. A few steps from the place, they found an old horse tied to a wooden car. “Please, sir, take us in your car away from here to a place where it is never cold and food is in short supply,” the animals said almost in unison.

The horse, who was waiting for his owner while he slept peacefully in a bed in the heat of the fireplace, did not think twice and decided to join the group to escape to that wonderful land.When they had already traveled several kilometers, the animals found a dark cave and prepared to spend the freezing night. In such darkness, a mole greeted them kindly, and upon hearing the news of that beautiful place he asked them to take him and his family to never suffer hunger.

Junior Puppy 2020
Animal Tale: TheJunior Puppy 2020

The next day, the horse tied the car to his body and set off next to the cat Cloe, Junior, the mother and her brothers, and the mole’s family. With great enthusiasm, the group crossed rivers and mountains, populated and deserted, but the cold did not diminish, and as the day progressed the forces faltered and failed to advance.

“We must rest,” said the horse when he saw an old mill on the side of the road. As soon as they were inside, the horse turned its car so that the animals snuggled, while the mole got some dry firewood to light the fire. The mother of the dogs went out hunting and fortunately found some food to share among everyone, and finally, the cat Cloe prepared to accommodate the straw under the car so that they were more comfortable.

Then, Junior realized that they had found that wonderful place where they would never feel alone and abandoned again. The puppy finally understood that while they were together they would always have a hope of survival, and that was how they stayed in that place throughout the winter and for many long years, celebrating the great family they had become.

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