Love Story: Laborious Ants

It was the last days of summer and David had been invited to the birthday celebration of one of his older cousins. The celebration was huge, there was a great cake, a treasure hunt and many more amusements. After running around the house and participating in their favorite games, David and the other children went to the garden, where the party had moved.

While the adults talked, the children kept running and doing mischief. Suddenly David’s attention was drawn by a huge row of tiny ants, which were busy transporting small amounts of food.He stared at the ants for a few seconds, until he grabbed one to see it closer and almost immediately tried to crush it between his fingers. Fortunately for the ant, the mother had been watching him for a good time and as soon as he realized his intentions, he stopped him.

David looked at his mother with a puzzled face, as did the other children who had witnessed the scene and gathered around. The mother with sweet tone told the child:- Why did you hurt them, did they hurt you? Can’t you see how hard they are working to collect food for the winter? – The mother turned and told the rest of the children that they were watching her carefully.

Laborious Ants
Love Story: Laborious Ants

We should never try to harm an animal just because we can. Instead we must take care of them and try to learn from them. Ants, for example, despite being so small, are among the most laborious and strongest insects that exist in nature. Don’t you see how they all work together to transport loads much larger than their size?

David immediately felt sorry for the bad action he had almost committed and promised his mother that he would never try to harm an animal, however small it might be. His friends, like David, learned that day a valuable lesson that they would remember a lifetime.

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