Animal tale: Little Red Riding Hood and the birds

There was once in the world, a harsh and fierce winter, which made all the creatures in the forest tremble with cold, especially the small birds. Snow covered the earth, and filled the tree branches with cold frost. In this way, it was impossible for the birds to look for food to feed their young.

The beautiful and good Little Red Riding Hood felt compassion for the little birds and began to fill her window with grains of rice. In a few seconds, the window was filled with these creatures, which also sought the warmth of the house. Then, Little Red Riding Hood let all the birds in the forest pass, who took refuge at the foot of the fireplace.

Over time, food also began to be scarce for men, and the neighboring village decided to attack the town where Little Red Riding Hood lived in order to take away all its provisions. “They outnumber us. We must ask the King for help, ”one of the inhabitants shouted, but another said“ It is impossible. The roads are covered by snow. ”

the birds
Animal tale: Little Red Riding Hood and the birds

Then, the young Little Red Riding Hood asked the dove to send a message to the king, and the white bird seemed to understand, as it sped off through the window. As the days went by, Little Red Riding Hood did not receive news of the dove and to make matters worse, the enemies had entered the town with the intention of looting each of the houses.

It was at that precise moment, when hope appeared, and the King’s guards appeared miraculously, causing a severe beating of the malefactors, who fled from the place in a hurry. The carrier pigeon came behind, flying with its last forces until it fell into the little hands of Little Red Riding Hood.

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