Christmas story: Matías and the snowman

Matías in that Christmas felt more alone than ever, he had no brothers, his friends lived far away and his parents were too busy with the preparations for the holiday. He decided to spend the day frolicking in the snow that was stacking in the garden of his house, without suspecting that this would give life to his new best friend.

Matías and the snowman 2020
Christmas story: Matías and the snowman 2020

He began almost without realizing to mold two snowballs, which he placed one on top of another as if it were a body and a head. Then he plucked two dry twigs from a nearby tree and placed them in the form of arms. The snowman was taking shape but it still didn’t seem real, so Matías ran to his room and grabbed a colorful scarf, a wool hat, a pair of eye buttons, a comb for his mouth and a carrot for nose.

When he was putting every detail was growing Matías’s desire to have a friend to play, so when he finished he was surprised to see that his snowman had come to life and was smiling at him.Matías felt happy and thought he could not have received a better gift that Christmas. The child understood that when something is desired with sufficient force, it can become reality.

Excited he began to look for a name for his doll that kept throwing snowballs and running around the garden. So the days went by and Matías had fun playing with his new friend, who also came to see his classmates and other children in the neighborhood. Everyone laughed nonstop at the occurrence of Snowflake, which he enjoyed making those children happy.

When he began saying goodbye to the winter season, Matías’s parents helped him move him to a nearby park that was in an area that barely melted in the summer. There the doll waited for Matías and his friends to visit him, which they did constantly, especially at Christmas.

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