Love story: The mermaid that became salt

Once upon a time there was a mermaid who lived at the bottom of the sea. Although her life was in the depths, she longed to surface and live a human life.When he turned eighteen he made a deal with a sorceress who gave him the power to become human during the nights. But the magic of this spell was only effective until dawn, it must be very careful to return to the water before.

That same night he decided to visit the nearby town, where they celebrated parties. He justify the shore turned into a beautiful maiden, with thick blond hair. He borrowed a dress he found nearby and walked to the place where the music came from.Among the crowd he distinguished a tall and handsome young man, who looked at her with the same interest she did. To his surprise, the young man took her by the hand and invited her to dance. They danced all night without stopping, even though the mermaid had never done it before.

the mermaid 2020
Love story: the mermaid 2020 that became salt

No names were said, they only said goodbye, promising that the next night they would meet again at the pier. This happened, like the next and the next. It took only three nights for love to flourish between the stranger and the mermaid, who was happy as never before.The fourth night the mermaid went to the agreed date, but to her surprise the young man did not appear on the pier. The mermaid asked disconsolate to everyone she met, until an old fisherman who had witnessed the dating of the lovers said:

“That young man was a prince from a distant land, his father took him this afternoon in a hurry and it is not known if he will return. He looked for you for hours. ”The mermaid burst into tears, her heart could not bear the sadness of not seeing him again. Without realizing the moon began to languish and the sun began to announce the dawn, until it was too late. He didn’t care, he gave himself to the warmth of the star king who broke the spell and turned it into a beautiful statue of salt, facing the sea. There he still remains, waiting for the return of his love someday.

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