Christmas Tale: The Miracle of Christmas

Christmas is a time full of miracles and if you don’t believe me listen to this story. It all started with a teacher who decided to assign a different task to his students on Christmas Eve. At the end of class he told them: – “It is time to share our hearts, so bring as many children as you can to the joy of this Christmas.”

Miracle of Christmas
Christmas Tale: The Miracle of Christmas

This was how a group of boys were encouraged to fulfill the assignment of the teacher and went out to buy some gifts, which they wrapped and placed inside a sack. On Christmas Eve they decided that the best place to deliver them was the nearest hospital, where there were surely children yearning to receive Santa’s gifts.Disguised as Santa Claus and singing Christmas carols, they appeared by surprise in the hospital, where they believed that at most they would find a dozen children.

But the reality was that there were many more children that night interned, around thirty. The children looked expectantly and joyfully, waiting to see what surprises these Santas brought them.The boys were baffled, they knew that the toys they had bought were not enough for so many children, but they couldn’t break their hearts either. Finally trying not to disappoint them, they began to distribute the toys they brought to the little ones, and they agreed that when they finished they would explain what happened to the bigger ones.

But what was the surprise to notice that every time they looked inside the bag for another gift, they found it. Each child received their toy and the boys could hardly believe what had happened that night. Without being able to give another explanation to that problem that mathematically had no solution, they decided to think that it was a Christmas miracle.What do you think of this story, incredible truth? Well, it will seem more incredible to know that you also have your own bag and it never empties.

It is deep within you, full of joy, love and things to offer.Do not wait any longer and open that sack that is your little heart and share it with everyone around you this Christmas.

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