Animal Tale: Peter and the Wolf

In a small country town, there was once a rogue boy who went out every morning to graze his sheep. While resting lying in the grass, the boy occupied his thoughts with jokes and occurrences to scare the noble inhabitants of that town.

peter and the wolf 2020
Animal Tale: peter and the wolf 2020

One day, he decided to have fun, and ran down the hill from where he grazed. “Help! The wolf is coming! ”He shouted with all the force of his lungs over and over again. The farmers of the place, armed with wood and knives and went out to meet the boy to help him.However, when they saw the rogue releasing huge laughter, they understood that it was a joke in bad taste, so they returned to their homes very angry.

The young man had laughed so much that he wanted to repeat the joke once more, and waited for the peasants to return to their labors to start shouting.”Help! The wolf is coming! ”And the people came out again to help him, only this time, they ended up even more angry at the mocking laughter of the youngster. The next day, the boy prepared to graze his sheep as usual, when he felt a frightful growl behind him.

When he turned around, he noticed the presence of a fearsome wolf that stalked his teeth.”Please help! Help! The wolf is devouring my sheep! ”But the people, believing it was another of his jokes, ignored the young man’s screams. And it is true that, no matter how much they insisted on asking for help, the peasants continued to do their work without paying attention.

In that way, the wolf zamp, one after the other until he justify none, all the sheep of the boy, who never thought to joke again with the inhabitants of that town, because he learned that lies and deception never benefit any.

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