Love Tale: The Rescue in the Snow

Once upon a time there was a farmer who lived with his two children in a very distant place, close to the passage of a mountain. The peasant had always had a bad temper, but over the years he had worsened and even become cruel to his animals, whom he mistreated for no reason, especially the dogs he beat and stoned.

One winter day, he surprised one of the children returning from the town, a great snowstorm. The weather was terrible and the young man lost his way back to his cabin in the middle of the snowy mountains, so he wandered aimlessly until he fell unconscious into the snow.

He was about to die frozen, when he felt a warm, moist breath on his face that made him wake up. In front of him stood a vigorous dog of robust constitution, who wore a blanket on his back. Immediately the young man hurried to wrap himself in the blanket and with a little effort he lay on the animal’s back, who with much work managed to move him the rest of the way.

The storm showed no mercy and the farmer feared for the life of his son without being able to do anything but wait. He was already desperate when he felt in front of the door what appeared to be a bark. With surprise he discovered that one of the dogs he mistreated so much had saved his son’s life, he didn’t know what to think.

Love Tale: The Rescue in the Snow

He immediately took his son in his arms and covered him with blankets in front of the fire. Then he returned for the dog, who was lying at the entrance fainted without strength and treated him with equal devotion. In the future the farmer never damaged an animal, in fact he created a shelter for dogs like the one he owed so much. It was named San Bernardo and many stories have been told of those dogs that attended and sheltered hundreds of walkers who passed through the pass.

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