Christmas Tale: The Shining Christmas Spiders

This is a story that happened a long time ago, and tells how the bright colored garlands that we placed on the Christmas tree emerged.

Once upon a time there was a home flooded with the Christmas spirit, where the smell of sweet bread and nougat was breathed. The mother had made sure that the house looked bright that year to celebrate the most magical day of the year.But it happens that in his eagerness to clean up he had destroyed the tiny cobwebs that had been part of the room for years, and gave shelter to some little spiders who especially enjoyed those dates.

Christmas Spiders
Christmas Tale: The Shining Christmas Spiders

When the spiders saw that they had been stripped of their cloth, they had no choice but to flee desolate into a dark corner in the attic.on Christmas Eve the festive feeling took hold even more of that home, in which the whole family decorated with joy and joy an immense tree. The mother, father and two children placed until the last Christmas ornament and then went to sleep.

Meanwhile the spiders cried inconsolably because they would not be able to be present on Christmas morning, when the children opened the presents. When there seemed to be no hope, one of the oldest and wisest spiders came up with the idea that perhaps they could see the scene hidden in a little hendija he knew.All agreed and silently justify their hiding place to reach the small crack in the room.

Before arriving they were surprised by a rumble, so they ran towards the tree seeking refuge so as not to be discovered.It was Santa Claus who was trying to sneak through the chimney and had landed badly. As he approached the tree to leave the gifts, he was amused to see those little spiders scattered around each branch, behind the most beautiful decorations. That is how he decided to use his magic and turn the spiders into the long bright and luminous strips that we all know today as garlands.

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