3 Best Short Animal Stories For Kids With Morals

The Friendship of Two Ostriches

This is the story of two ostriches that were very friendly to the point that they could not spend one day without the company of the other. One day a situation occurred that tested the friendship of one another. One of them said. Today I will be the one to decide what we are going to play- before that comment the other replied No, I will be what I decide this time.For a long time neither of them gave in to the wishes of the other, so they did not reach an agreement. Several hours of discussion passed until they finally reached a consensus and one of them said.

Today we are not going to play, but let’s look for a way to agree.With these words they decided that they would alternate the game proposals, where each of them would decide for a whole day what juices would be the ones they were going to play.It was in this way that they managed to avoid all kinds of problems and their friendship lasted for a lifetime.

Moral: The greatest treasure that can be conquered is a proven friendship.

Animal Fable
3 Best Short Animal Stories For Kids With Morals

The Monkey King and the Travelers

Once upon a time there were two very different travelers, because one never lied and the other always did it, traveling together along the same path. When they had been walking for a while they saw two very funny monkeys who were at the end of the road.One of the monkeys, who had become the king of the monkeys, demanded that the men come to see him to tell him what they thought of him. After taking a while of preparations, the monarch of the monkeys greeted them with the following expression. What impression did I make them as king? The first to respond was the liar traveler and said.

From what I’ve seen, I’m sure you’re the best of the monarchs I’ve dealt with.The monkey again asked – what do they think of my subjects? The monkeys that surround you are the most sacrificed I’ve seen – said the liar traveler.The monkey king was very satisfied with this response and ordered the other monkeys to bring him a gift as a reward for his words.The other traveler, as he saw that his friend was giving gifts to his partner that all he had done was lie, he thought that if he told the truth he would have greater rewards.The monkey king, once he had finished with the first traveler, proceeded to ask the other the same questions to which he replied.

I think you are a very common monkey, and your subjects are the same too.When the monarch heard these answers he felt offended, and very angry he threw himself at his impolite guest scratching and biting him nonstop.

Moral: Those who only like to be praised never tell the truth because they will never accept it.

The undisciplined little mouse

This is the story of a little mouse that his father every day before leaving for school warned him. My son, remember that in this world there are many dangers and you must be very careful. Always be alive mainly if you find a cat in your path. Always look at each step you take and never go running without having a fixed course. And most importantly, before putting your fingers on something, check it very well. Only if you are cautious can you have a long and pleasant life.The little mouse practically did not listen to his father and despite all the advice he gave him, he walked from one place to another in the house where his mousetrap was without paying much attention.

On one occasion, the mischievous rodent found in a far corner a strange team that held a piece of cheese. After looking at it for a moment, he thought. I do not think that this device constitutes any danger, and since nobody has paid any attention, I will eat that piece of cheese completely.The gluttony of the little mouse made him try to grab the cheese and it was only in a matter of seconds when he was caught in the trap.

Moral: Older people always advise you for your good, so you should listen to it and only then will you avoid many evils.

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