Love story: How Silvia learned to read

This became a problem when Silvia started in school. He is not struggling to learn to read, nor did he even show a little interest. His mother even hired a teacher who spent long hours trying to at least concentrate.- “It’s no use”, – said the lady to Silvia’s mother, – “not interested in learning”. – The teacher was almost ready to give up, when the unexpected happened.

It turns out that one day he attended the meeting with Silvia, taking his son who was a little older. Silvia’s heart pounded when she saw him and she never knew why, her eyes shone in a way that only her mother knew how to decipher. That day the girl paid all the attention she could, until the meeting ended and headed to the patio where the boy was waiting.

Silvia learned
Love story: How Silvia learned to read

– “Hi Silvia” – speak the boy, – “how was a your day?I know that my mom has been teaching you to read but says you don’t want to learn. ”Distressed Silvia looked at him and consented. He had never felt shame in his life.The days went by and the children became good friends, riding skates in the park and enjoying the beauty. Summer holidays arrived and the boy had to go to his dad’s house, where he was going to spend the summer. Before leaving he promised to send a postcard and a gift to Silvia.

Weeks passed and Silvia was trying harder, to her mother’s surprise. One day the mailman arrived with a box in which Silvia longed for the promised postcard. Above it was labeled “For Silvia Mathew. If you can read what it says on the outside of this box, then you can keep what it contains. ” And since Silvia could read each word with total clarity and fluency, she could enjoy the postcard that her friend sent her, next to which were beautiful skates.- “Hi Silvia” – speak the boy, – “how was a your day?

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