Animal Tale: The Street Puppy

This was once a stray puppy named Bebo. Since he had no owner, Bebo slept outdoors and almost never had anything to eat. One day, while the puppy was trying to sleep cold and his stomach was so hungry, Bebo felt someone approaching her.

Who could it be? Maybe he was a noble person who would take him home and give him food, although he could also be a skinny cat like him looking for shelter. When the shadow approached, Bebo could recognize his friend Toncho, a small dog with long, dirty hair.

“Hello friend,” said Toncho, chilling with cold. “Hello old friend, I had not recognized you. I barely see because I am very old.” “What do you think if we go on every side of the corner house ? They may give us something to eat, ”said Toncho, but Bebo did not want to move from the place. “I would love to with you, Toncho, but I no longer have the power to walk.”

Then, Toncho decided to go out on his own to find food for his old friend, and on the way, he met the Misi cat. “Where are you going, Toncho?” Said the pussycat was hidden among some old cartons. “I’m going to get some food for Bebo that is sick with cold,” “Well, I’ll look for something to shelter him and give him warmth,” Misi said quickly.

After a few minutes, the cat met Chester the mouse. “Where are you going, Misi?” Chester said coming out of a sewer. “I’m going to look for something to shelter Bebo. He is very sick and dead of cold. ” “Well, I’ll look for some syrup so it doesn’t catch a cold,” said the mouse and ran to the pharmacy.

When the dog Toncho arrived at the restaurant, he slipped out the back door and could find a piece of meat in the waste disposal. Seeing him, the chef decided to follow him to see where he was going with the piece of meat.

Meanwhile, the Misi cat had sneaked into the dry cleaners and in the patchwork, box discovered a comfortable piece of cloth with which Bebo could cover and protect himself from the cold. The owner of the dry cleaner saw the cat and decided to follow him to see where he was going.

Finally, the Chester mouse rummaged through the trash of the pharmacy and could find a jar of syrup that still had some medicine justify. When the apothecary saw the mouse, he could not resist the curiosity and followed him to see where he was going with the syrup bottle.After a few minutes, the three friends reached the alley where Bebo remained. The Toncho puppy offered him the piece of meat, the Misi cat covered it with the cloth, and the little mouse Chester tipped the syrup bottle for him to take. While all that was happening, the cook, the dyer and the apothecary watched from afar how the animals attended to his friend Bebo, and his emotion was so great that they decided to approach to look closely at the animal.

street puppy
Animal Tale: The Street Puppy

“Poor doggy. Every day I will come to bring you food from my restaurant, ”said the cook instantly. “I will cover it with blankets so that it does not go cold,” said the dyer excited. “Well, I’ll take him with me to my pharmacy so he won’t get sick anymore,” the apothecary exclaimed and raised him in his arms to take him away from there.

Since then, Bebo did not have to go cold or starve in the streets. The cook brings food to the pharmacy every night, the dry cleaner sews comfortable and warm blankets so that he is always protected, and the apothecary watches because he never gets sick with his remedies and syrups.And Bebo’s friends? Well, they also visit him and share his food and blankets with him, while Bebo thanks them for everything they did, telling them stories and stories of their childhood until they all fell asleep in the comfort of the pharmacy.

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