Animal Tale: The Flutist Bird

In a very distant place called Pentagram, animals inhabited that could play musical instruments. The birds, the rabbits, the foxes and the bears, each of them wore their instrument hung on the neck, and every minute of the day, they sang beautiful and pleasant melodies that cheered the whole forest.

In that place, there lived a very popular flutist bird that everyone admired for his talent. The bird was invited to all parties and always encouraged everyone around him to sing wonderful songs with his flute. When he gave concerts, tickets sold out in moments, and people crowded near the entrance to admire the grace with which the distinguished bird manipulated the flute.

One morning, the bird woke up as usual in his room and, what was his surprise to find that his precious flute was gone. How could I interpret his beautiful songs? Who could have been able to steal his beloved instrument?Between sobs and sobs, the bird discovered a very strange note on the door of his little house: “We have taken your flute and you can never play it again. You will be the mockery of the whole kingdom. ” When he read that note, the flimsy legs of the bird began to falter, he felt a lump in his throat and had no choice but to invent a cold to justify his absence in the concerts that awaited him that day.

After a week of agony and slow regret, the bird decided to call her three friends magpies. “We can’t believe it. What a horrendous crime, ”the magpies exclaimed in unison fluttering with fury. “Please, friends, help me recover my flute,” the bird sobbed with wings on its head.

“There is no other choice but to look for it in every corner of the kingdom. Even under the stones, ”said one of the magpies and everyone agreed. With no time to lose, the bird disguised itself as a flower, a magpie of a worm, a magpie of a cockroach, and the last one disguised itself as a rock, and so each one justify by his side in search of the flute.

The flower-dressed bird visited all the theaters and the places where the animals played, but none of them had their flute. After days, tired of searching so much, the poor bird gave up. “This is all. I am not looking for more ”, and said that he retired to his house to cry of sadness.

Meanwhile, magpie disguised as a worm visited the instrument workshops in search of a recently arrived flute. However, he walked for hours between violins, pianos and drums, and he also had no good luck with his search. “I got tired of looking,” he shouted, taking off his disguise and returning to his friend’s house the bird.

On the other side of the kingdom, the magpie disguised as a cockroach could not return home with good news. After a long time visiting shops and markets, he couldn’t find anyone selling a flute, so he returned the same way to his friend’s house the bird.

Finally, the third magpie disguised as rock, remained motionless in one place in the forest, and although he spent a long time without tasting a bite or being able to stretch his wings, one day he heard two moles that whispered intently hiding in the grass.”Are you sure nobody listens to us?” Asked the smaller mole. “Don’t worry, we are alone,” replied the second fattest and oldest. “Soon they will throw the flutist bird out of the kingdom because it doesn’t have its instrument” “We finally got rid of that idiot,” the moles said laughing softly.

Animal Tale: The Flutist Bird

But, what those rascals did not know was that the magpie disguised as a stone was listening to them, so he quickly returned to the bird’s house to tell him what happened, and once they arrived at the moles’ house, they waited for them to fall asleep to enter and remove the flute that the bird had so longed for.When night fell, and as planned, the four friends sneaked into the little house of moles that snored and snored in deep sleep. After a while searching for the flute they finally found it, but it was too late. The moles had woken up and locked the door so that the bird and the three magpies could not leave.

Scared and fearful, the bird then had a brilliant idea.”I will play my channelled as only I know how to do it and people from all over the province will come straight away to rescue us.” And so did
the flutist bird. He played and played beautiful melodies and soon the mole’s den was filled with animals that ran to listen to the bird’s songs. When they arrived at the place, the inhabitants of Pentagrama rescued the bird and the magpies, and the moles received a good deserved for having stolen the flute.

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