Moral tale: How the rain was made

They say that a long, long time ago, a drop of water got tired of being in the same place, and wanted to navigate the air like birds, to know the world and visit other lands.

So much was the desire of the water gothic, that one day he asked the Sun to help him: “Astro king, help me to rise to heaven to get to know The is world better than.” And so the Sun did.He heated the gothic with its rays, until little by little, it became a water vapor. When it stayed like a gas, the water gothic rose slowly to the sky.

From above, he could see the place where he lived, even beyond, I can see other corners of the world, other seas and other mountains. The water droplet went up there for a while. He visited unknown places, made friends with the birds and from time to time some wind put her to dance throughout the blue sky.

 rain was made
Moral tale How the rain was made

However, within a few days, the gothic began to feel lonely. Despite having the company of the birds, and the beauty of the land seen from above, our friend wanted other water droplets to accompany her on her adventure, so she decided to go down to look for them and share with them everything that was vivid.

“windy, help me downstairs from the sky to go find my friends” And the wind did so.He blew and blew a cold air that froze the gothic until it became heavier than the air, so heavy, that it soon began to descend from the heights.

When he landed on the ground, he did it on a wheat field, where there were many Gothic ones that just woke up made morning dew. “Dear friends, accompany me to heaven,” the Gothic shouted and they all agreed. Then, the Sun raised them to the top where they became a beautiful cloud, but as time went by, the Gothic wanted to go down again to tell other Gothic about what they had seen.

And since then, whenever it rains, it means that every drop of water has come to find her friend to play and dance in the sky.

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