Animal Tale: The White Rat

They say that the Queen of all the magical Fairies of the forest, summoned her sisters one day to a banquet in her palace. Without losing a second, the fairies justify with their best clothes and crossed the forest at full speed, mounted aboard fast dragonflies.

The youngest of all the fairies was named Alba, and while she was on her way to the palace, she heard agitated sobs from a little house deep in the forest. As he approached the place, he discovered two little ones who cried unprotected and died of cold.Then, Alba snapped her fingers and the magic set the stove on fire to warm the children, whose parents had gone to the city to work and buy food. “Well, until your parents do not appear, I will not leave them alone,” said the kind fairy, covering the little ones.

Some time later, when he had to leave, the fairy was on the road thinking about the terrible punishment that awaited him for being late for the banquet of the great Queen. And so much was his nervousness, that he forgot the magic wand in the children’s house. Upon arriving at the palace, the Queen scolded him strongly: “In addition to being late for the ceremony, you are also able to forget your magic wand. I will punish you for your bad acting. ”

White Rat 2020
Animal Tale: TheWhite Rat 2020

The rest of the sisters, compassionate, asked the Queen that the punishment should not be eternal. the world in the form of a white rat.”That way, dear little friends, every time we see a little white rattle, it means that Alba has not yet fulfilled her punishment, and that she goes around the world taking care of children who are justify alone without their parents.

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